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Singing on Dyarubbin Shores

Main photo above courtesy of  Liz Phillips.

Singing on Dyarubbin Shores


Two days of joyful singing on Darug country with Aunty Jacinta Tobin, Stacy-Jane Etal, Rachel Hore and Suze Pratten

Supported by Womansong choir

Scheduling of Singing on Dyarubbin Shores is currently on hold – however, Suze and Stacy are having a small event Barayaya – Let’s Sing! A Day of Joyful Singing in Darug and English on Darug Ngurra (Country) on 28 October 2023.  Rachel unfortunately can’t be there but it will be a beautiful and full day of song. Info & Bookings here: https://www.trybooking.com/CKVDS

Singing on Dyarubbin Shores is a two-day singing workshop designed to bring Darug language songs to the Hawkesbury region and is open to everyone ages 8 and above. Participants will be invited to learn songs in both Darug language and English and to sing them together in harmony. “Dyarubbin” is the local Darug word for the Hawkesbury River.

This workshop represents a unique opportunity to celebrate Darug language and culture on Darug country. One of the singing facilitators is Aunty Jacinta Tobin, a Darug elder from the Hawkesbury region. She composed a Darug language song for the Sydney Festival where it has been sung by massed choirs at Australia Day events.

Our wonderful event organiser is Stacy-Jane Etal, a local Darug woman who is well known for her contributions to the Hawkesbury community. Stacy-Jane has written songs in Darug language which will also be sung at the event. As well as this, she and Aunty Jacinta will translate some English lyric songs into Darug language for the whole group to sing.

Group singing is a great way to bring people together from all cultures and backgrounds. During this workshop the group will be invited to explore its unique sound and together create works of art honouring a culture which is both ancient and local.



Morning and afternoon tea provided. BYO lunch

Enquiries: Stacy-Jane Etal deerubbin19@gmail.com

Saturday evening fun!

The Dyarubbin Dinner and Open Mic Night
Join us for the evening at The Church Bar in Windsor from 6.30pm for fun and music and conversation. Bring a song or act to share, or just come and listen! (Dinner at own expense)

Pictured above: Rachel, Jacinta Tobin, Stacy-Jane Etal and Suze Pratten.

About Jacinta Tobin

Aunty Jacinta Tobin is a senior Darug descendant of the Aboriginal people of the Greater Sydney Region with English and Irish ancestry. Jacinta began her studies and community work in 1997 with a Master of Applied Science in Social Ecology. Since then she has worked in with schools, universities, community and government events using her music and her community worker background to educate all on Darug language, songs and local Darug culture. Jacinta is trying to revive Sydney’s original language and in 2017 and 2018 led a mass choral performance for the Sydney Festival with 10 community choirs with her original song, Budjari Gunyalungalung Baraya-la (Let’s Sing Good Dreaming) – in Darug language.

More about Jacinta …

About Suze Pratten

Suze is a fabulous and accomplished workshop leader, vocalist and songwriter who has been teaching music and choirs for many years. Her vibrant and passionate approach will have the whole group pumping out songs and tapping along in no time! Also a qualified TaKeTiNa rhythm teacher, Suze is happily based near Sydney where she leads choirs, music workshops and teaches singing.

About Stacy-Jane Etal

Stacy-Jane Etal, is a local Darug woman who is well known for her contributions to the Hawkesbury community. An upcoming singer/songwriter, Stacy-Jane has written and translated songs in Darug language which we will have the opportunity to sing and enjoy at the workshop.

More about Stacy-Jane …